Backstory: Adventurers

Adventurers can be read here.

So, Adventurers was a bit of an odd one, because it was conceived for a specific purpose: an entry for the Waterstones What’s Your Story? competition. Brief, strange and eye-catching, the idea for me was to pluck a thought about one of the notebook characters I have and see if I can capture something about her in such a small sketch.

I’m not wholly sure it worked, although it fares slightly better on the entry – which can be found on the WYS Gallery by searching for Sheret – because of the postcard design I built for it. But I still like it. Zia’s still a bit of a mystery for me, and someone I haven’t yet found the showcase for as a character, but this helped to get a sense of how fluid a figure she is.

The polaroid is one of Mark on the rail lines near the waterfront in Bristol from late year. I’ve got fond memories of the visit, which also involved a break in Bath, and I’d been waiting for the right story for this photo for a while. The handwriting is Alice’s – mine’s too spindly.

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