Backstory: Sunday Sketches

Sunday Sketches can be read here.

Sunday Sketches is about as simple as The Polaroid Press gets, it being a collection of word-sketches written on a Sunday. I chopped them about a bit to share a location because they were far too disparate without that in common.

The first segment was written at the Bristol Comics Expo, in the hotel bar, where I’ve had a couple of years of drunken nights and now. The dancefloor in there is profoundly sad: even when it’s heaving and boozy I’ve never seen people stand on it, just around it. The second segment is a couple of weeks old, from The Princess Louise, one of my favourite London pubs. The decor there is quite incredible, and the whole place is broken into booths like an old smoking bar. The last section is a blend of two girls from the same journey home, who were remarkably similar in their torpor.

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