Backstory: The Model

It started with a list.

I was at work, knew I had time to kill, and just started listing words. Then a Pressing happened. Pressing no. 35 came like a dream, with the barest of revision and additional work, and I really really like it, not least because for once I actually allow the metaphor to stand on its own at the end. My first notes had me directly linking model making to memory, structure to relationship: It doesn’t need it, and I’m happy I had the confidence to run with it. I read it aloud to The Lady several hours later, and she spent a few minutes taking it in, with her eyes shut.

I’ve not felt like I’d moved someone with The Polaroid Press project until then.

Of course, that was followed by jealousy for the character described, but you only get so far getting emo about fiction.

The photo is one of many I took during the Battersea public consultations, a chance for the public to wander around the space. There’s a Pressing to be written about that event alone actually. Such a beautiful, desolate space, the wind doing things to drastically alter the soundscape with every step. Amazing.

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