“This one goes out to those not with us”

No update in an age, certainly not of a personal nature, so in an act of kindness (and as an exorcism) below are the major developments…

* I started an internship in the opening weeks of September at 176, a new contemporary art gallery in Chalk Farm. A little over a year old, the gallery showcases the artists and works of the Zabludowicz collection, and the current exhibition – Material Presence – is a varied and bloody interesting set of sculpture and installation work. I’m working as the Interaction intern, helping to involve the local community and entice them into the place. It’s going well so far, so fingers crossed there.

* I formed a band with Julia Scheele called words + pictures. The idea is that the band will make comics instead of music, a variation on an idea of Warren Ellis, who riffed off of the financial aspects of making small-scale comics anthologies. Mine takes that and runs off screaming “But why not treat comics like music?” Make short stories like singles, treat conventions like gigs, mythologise and have fun. Links and images to come, but we’ll see how that goes.

* I killed my facebook account. Basically, I’m uncomfortable with my habit of passing time by clicking refresh there. Everyone is. But it also stopped being useful to me. When an old school friend used it to send abuse to me in the guise of re-awakening a friendship I just decided ‘fuck it’ and deactivated the thing. No regrets there.

* The first collection of Polaroid Press stories is being compiled in between listening to music and lying in bed. I’m going to print about 20 odd in the lead up to Leeds and sell it while pimping words + pictures, if I get it done in time of course.

Enough about me, how are you?

5 thoughts on ““This one goes out to those not with us”

  1. i’m alright i guess. sorry to hear about the lady (and facebook, sort of). glad to hear about everything else.

  2. i am doing this wrong. i just realised everything is awaiting moderation. will you approve this one and add a touch of clumsy comedy to proceedings? i think so.

  3. yeah not bad. buried under a tidal wave of work, but going to nashville next week for a weekend. birthday was good, not actually that messy either.

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