The Polaroid Press

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The Polaroid Press

So, here it is.

When The Polaroid Press started back in January the model always included me producing a physical document to accompany it. At first it took the form of the flyers, but the problem with me ordering 2500 copies of “A Life…” was that there was no fucking way I was going to get shot of them all. So I ordered half as many copies of “Before…”, but moved into The Lady’s with little more than a suitcase for four months, which somewhat dented my enthusiasm for looking at things with my name all over them and my drive to get them out there. But the principle was sound, I just needed something more, something to use them for.

My initial plan was to do half a dozen flyers and sell a couple of hundred of them as a bundle at some point down the line. But, frankly, that just didn’t feel right. So I started to plot a Polaroid Press “zine” that would be photocopyable and basic, a thing to tout my words in a more substantial form than the flyers. It was Sean who pointed out that that didn’t quite seem to fit with the project’s ethos. So at the tail end of September, motivated by The Lady breaking up with me and a long week of sobriety, I started taking steps toward producing a proper document, an almost-zine that had all of The Polaroid Press’s quality and quirk in a pocket-sized pack.

The results are better than I could possibly have hoped for.

The Polaroid Press contents

Twelve stories, on the rear of prints of the Polaroids that inspired or accompany them, bound in a hand-stamped envelope with a new introduction for the collection. A “zine” in spirit, but just a little bit different, a combination of words and pictures that I really fucking love.

On November 15th I’ll be at Thought Bubble comic convention in Leeds, which’ll be the first chance to buy them in the flesh, a bargain at £3.50. I’ll be offering any remaining from the first run on the website after that (or perhaps earlier, if you e-mail and ask me very nicely) before seeing if a second run is worthwhile.

It’s been an interesting road, getting here, but hopefully this marks the start of the second phase of The Polaroid Press.

I’m really excited by the thought of that.

Matt, listening to M83 while staring longingly at The Polaroid Press pack, 2008

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