Thought Bubble

words + pictures has the “official” word from us on Thought Bubble, but more personally I’ve just had some of the most fun of my life.

It has, for obvious reasons, been quite a difficult time for me recently. I didn’t let on to many people but I worried Thought Bubble might just wipe me out and break me. I had an incredible time though. I got to know Sarah and Julia better (a lot better given the etap room arrangement) as well Ellerby and Anna, who were just incredible to take us under their collective wing. Through them we met a slew of people who became a roving Team Comics, all listed in the w+p write up. This led to dancing and drinking and happy fun times, as well as some indigestible Nandos action. Highlights included spying in the casino with Clare, all the handclaps in the world on the dancefloor, yelling along to Talking Heads with Gillen, the indie comics panel, my sexy new suit, having Liz Greenfield buy a Robot Man photo print (with some excitement), ‘Narnia’ toilets, S&M toilets, selling out of the Robot zine, selling anything… it was a great weekend. More Please!

Photos to come, love and thanks to all really. I couldn’t have asked for more of a first time. In the meantime I leave you with this:

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