It has, in no uncertain terms, been a manic old month or so.


First up, I was commissioned by the lovely people of to write their end of year feature, a gargantuan 7000 word task that I turned over in the space of a few days – I submitted with time enough to spare for a hot bath and a cold Scotch, West Wing DVDs to settle my addled mind. Combined with the king hell collapse of my heating system at home at home it was a suitably epic time, but I’m pretty pleased with the results. Check them out here.



Secondly, I’m published for the first time in this moth’s issue of Plan B. Hooray! Two reviews (WhiskeyCats and Remember Remember) that have taught me a lot about how I come across in print. NOT TERRIBLY WELL, but I have time to earn and my flatmate got a kick out of checking out my words on the shelf at Borders. Thumbs Up!



A long-standing project of mine and Julia Scheele’s is now up on Words and Pictures. Click the image for more.


Comrade Gillen flung me a copy of the new Phonogram, and it’s bloody great. I’m going to save writing about Series 2 for a few issues, for reasons the structure makes apparent, suffice to say I’ll be making puppy eyes at the boys for a while so they keep me in their gang of inspiring bastards.


To wrap up, I will have news of a little project for someone I’ve respected for a while coming soon, and I shall be at this next weekend.


I leave you to continue listening to the Karaoke outside of the window.

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