Thoughts on hearing about the demise of Plan B

* Shit
* No, really, shit
* I’m gonna miss Plan B. It was an inspirational source text for the last few years, a pointer in the right direction, both in terms of writers and the culture they were writing about.
* The Girl works on the mag. Hell, I review for them. Not much but…
* …I don’t though, now, do I? It doesn’t exist. Plan B was an inspirational source text etc etc and after the Sound Generator debacle it became the only outlet I wanted to write for. And I did. That was good, but it also provided a bit of a head trip, because I wanted to get better but found myself tilting in the wind too. The Polaroid Press was started because I was tired of writing reviews, and there I was writing reviews, and trying to be ‘more Plan B’ remembering too late that the point of writing for them was actually to be me at an audience, that being why I loved it in the first place.
* It was a surprise, but not unexpected.
* Amelia’s was the first clue.
* Shit.
* I am now, for the first time in five years, without a space in which I’m writing about music. And if I wanted to write about music then I probably wouldn’t have found myself in that position.
* I want to write. Personally I’m tired of commentary, tired of running alongside culture and shouting from the sidelines. There’s a much-mentioned drought of original material online, and it’s bartered and traded ad-nauseam. I’m throwing stuff out there – and need to work on self-promotion, but it’s out there at least.
* But I’m thinking, seeing magazines fold and new ones rise simply reprinting already established material: Where is my bespoke magazine? Where is my RSS feed with an option to POD myself a magazine? How can I bully someone into creating that, hooking up some service that doesn’t rely on borderline RTF presentation to throw together selected blog posts into a digest I can carry and pass around? Yes, still, culture of waste and all, but print it on the right paper and kill a few glossy mags off in the process and surely there’s a balance restored?
* Where is my bespoke POD magazine?
* I’ll be sad to see Plan B gone, and best of luck to everyone who worked on it.

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