Been winding things up for the trip to North America in the last few days, having sorted myself for everything except currency…and checking something with the Canadian embassy… and packing… and probably couch space for a couple of weeks…

But last night I finished working at The Royal Opera House, a place that’s been part of my life longer than Secondary School ever was. It’s been a pleasure, and a huge time, and was fun to spend a bit of time with a bunch of them in the regular pub last night. I left on the cusp of being blind drunk, and made it home without falling asleep or throwing up.

Oh, and I’ve got three discs of The West Wing to go. I might just about make it to the end before I go after all.

Last up, a little plug. I seldom do things like this, but I picked up a beautiful notebook from Lithium Books stall at one of Jimi Gherkin’s zine fairs late last year. Handmade and quite unique it’s been an absolute dream so far, holding all of Her Wilderness and Waves as well as threesixfivestart between its covers.

Having dallied with many other handmade and branded notebooks in the last few months I found myself coming back to the Lithium one, so ordered three more from Kali a couple of weeks ago.

They’re bloody beautiful things. Lithium don’t have a site, but Kali’s said that if anyone reading this is interested she’s happy for me to pass her details on (I won’t post them here for fear of a spambot finding it).

So, a few days of prep work, then Nice for a bit, then a few more days before hitting North America for a couple of months. Interesting times.

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