Phonogram vs The Fans


Phonogram vs The Fans was a limited edition magazine produced for San Diego Comic-Con 2009. Contributors included Sean Azzopardi, Josh Hechinger, Quintin Smith, Douglas Noble, Matt Jones, Miles Bradley, Colin Smith, Antony Johnston, Shaun Manning, Seb Patrick, Kat Stevens, Kid-with-Knife, Dickon Edwards, Geoffrey D. Wessel, John Keogh, Jules Boyle, Garry McLaughlin, Penny Broadhurst, Jesse Richard Bowline, James Hunt, Josh Barton and Chrissy Williams. It also included a four page interview with Phonogram writer Kieron Gillen, pages from his draft for Phonogram test script Faster and a centre-page pin up by Julia Scheele. The cover was by Phonogram artist Jamie McKelvie.

Phonogram vs The Fans has sold out.