“San Diego, sounds like fun”

3570730134_e06936839aAs Team Phonogram have pointed out, San Diego is almost upon us.

For the most part Kieron, Jamie and myself will be at the Image booth (#2729). Alongside the fourth issue of Phonogram: The Singles Club and the second printing of the Rue Britannia trade will be an SDCC exclusive T-shirt and, of course, Phonogram vs The Fans

I’m happy to announce that the contributors include Sean Azzopardi, Josh Hechinger, Quintin Smith, Douglas Noble, Matt Jones, Miles Bradley, Colin Smith, Antony Johnston, Shaun Manning, Seb Patrick, Kat Stevens, Kid-with-Knife, Dickon Edwards, Geoffrey D. Wessel, John Keogh, Jules Boyle, Garry McLaughlin, Penny Broadhurst, Jesse Richard Bowline, James Hunt, Josh Barton and Chrissy Williams. There’s also a four page interview with Kieron in there, pages from his draft for Phonogram test script Faster and a centre-page pin up by Julia Scheele.


And if that isn’t enough I photocopied folded and stapled every one of them, in possibly the most labour-intensive endeavor I’ve embarked upon. The fanzine itself is going to be $5, but we’ll be offering it in with a bundle of things throughout the weekend too.

In short: we’re going to San Diego and we’re going to cause trouble. Come say hello.

(For those who have asked: if I come home with any then I’ll be popping them up for sale when I get back, so check back in early August if you can’t make it down to SDCC)

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