Paper Scientist

We Are Words + Pictures stock

An exciting few days, both ahead and behind. For starters I re-jigged this site, pulling it into a slightly more navigable shape and making it a little bit more me. I’m quite fond of Marc‘s illustration of my little face, and having that sitting greeting visitors on the home page is a pleasure.

On that note, stock has started to come together for Sunday’s first We Are Words + Pictures stall, and the bits of equipment and ‘flash’ that will decorate the stall are gathering too. I’m poised somewhere between excited and terrified, which I think is just about the perfect place to be right now.

All that and a new project that came my way yesterday, one both completely out of the blue and absolutely perfect. A chance to blend a little bit of the ‘zine‘s pre-production process with some of the stall‘s aesthetic, it will certainly be interesting. But more on that soon.

In the meantime I direct you to the efforts of noted student and family member Anne Sheret. My sister will be doing The Great South Run on October 25th in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. I have no doubt she’ll manage to have an excellent time and make excellent time, as well as making me feel unfit and unmotivated: Curse her healthy genes! Anyway, drop her a couple of quid if you can, I know she’ll appreciate it.

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