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For the next month or so I’ll be in Newspaper Towers playing with the interaction and language of Newspaper Club. I’m creating a guide that will answer all of the questions You, the User, will need answered before putting together your own publication. So, if after January(ish) you don’t know what to do/what ARTHR is/that you can’t have a double page spread then that’s my fault.

For the past few days I’ve been going through the archive of commentary the team, the investors, the users, and the press have been generating in the past few months, and in the coming days I’ll be harangued by Art, Marketing and Engineering as they each describe the production process: By the end of the week we’ll know where they still need to compare notes.


While the blog has been a study in expectation management, it’s clear already that any guide has to play an important role in continuing that. It’s reasonably easy to outlay production rules (12 pages, no full bleed, quantity limitations et al) and tell you what you can’t do, but when you click order will you know how much space 1’000 newspapers take up? Will you be disappointed it isn’t stapled? Will you expect the edges to be untidy? Will you remember that you’ve never seen a clean white newspaper?

Newspaper Club

All this, and the answer to the eternal question: What happens when you click order?

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