Elsewhere on the internet

Emotional Pornography is a group-blog started by the delightful Miss Katie West. It does pretty much what it says on the url, and I offered up this untitled contribution:

She starts for a cigarette, the room all moving in chat and business, forgetting her empty wine glass. Glasses. She stops, retrieves, tops them up; the bottle splashing off the rim and wetting a rug she probably doesn’t recognise. She pauses in pouring, before more for good measure and then more again because she really wants to drink…

A little more at the site. There’s some beautiful work on there, writing and photography, and I urge you all to add it to your RSS feeds.

I’ve also started blogging as Newspaper Club‘s “embedded reporter”. My first post, titled after a quote from Russell, went live today:

Part of the fun of the system is being able to play with how your copy looks on the page. If you think you’ll want to print a newspaper around the launch then go away now and start gathering words and pictures. I mean it: Now. It’s better to have to leave things out than abandon a half full draft.

And that’s enough of that for today.

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