Solipsistic Pop goes to print + Radio times

Cyan + Yellow ink

Tom Humberstone and I made a trip to the printers last week to check out the progress of Solipsistic Pop. It is looking beautiful. I was always going to be excited about this project, but now I feel that same giddiness I remember feeling every time I heard this.

We’re also on Resonance fm‘s show Strip! later today (22nd), at 5pm.

Continuing ‘anthologies and collectives month’ on the show, Alex Fitch talks to four members of a group of Irish comic book artists – Stephen Mooney, PJ Holden, Will Sliney and Declan Shalvey – who work for a variety of British and American comic publishers and collectively promote their work through a blog with the title “Eclectic Micks”.

Alex also talks to the curator of the new anthology “Solipsistic Pop” Tom Humberstone, and contributors Julia Scheele, Matthew Sheret and Stephen Collins, which intends to bring the sensibilities of high-end American Indie comic anthologies to the under represented world of British small press creators. Julia and Matthew also talk about disseminating their own self published comics – “We Are Words + Pictures” – to the public via market stalls and club nights.

Alex Fitch was a gent to throw this together, and a saint for staying up all hours to edit the show.

Busy busy busy.

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