Before November arrived I managed to escape to Oslo for a few days. It was colder, prettier and a lot more welcoming than expected, which is just about perfect in my book. I hit the docks, the Opera House and the finest coffee shop in the world while I was out there, and managed to find the time to catch up with Einar, a magnificent local touchstone and one of the Touch team responsible for mapping the RFID field. A lovely man and clearly a very very clever man.

A really lovely bit of calm before the workstorm. I’m in deep on two paid projects at the moment, including the continuing adventures of the Newspaper Club guide, as well as a few personal ones too. I’m taking We Are Words + Pictures to the Comiket on Sunday 8th November and to Thought Bubble on Saturday 21st, and will be excitedly showing off Solipsistic Pop at both.

Had a lovely catch up with the BERG team last night at their Laika drinks, as well as Team Phonogram, most of Last.fm and James Bridle, who demonstrated the matchbox computer he built and shared some of his theory of awesomeness.

Now I have to do some work.

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