Frankie Say Pop

My first words on pop are live now on Global Comment, a review of Frankie Say Greatest, their THIRD greatest hits compilation…

It is a disco at the dawn of the eighties. Pop, bombast and synths are swamping stereos and “Blue Monday” has already happened. GRID has been reclassified as AIDS – it’s ravages being made clear worldwide – while war, holding actions and terrorism are part of the worldwide language of engagement. Holly Johnson is wondering if we’re living in a land where sex and horror are the new gods? Posters on ever street corner tell you that “Frankie Say Relax.” People ask “How?”

A few hundred more words here. I’ve got a massive respect for Global Comment, and when editor Natalia Antonova got in touch I was more than happy to join the team. Sarah Jaffe‘s work has been a pleasure to keep up with over there and, oh, I’ll just insist you go over and find your own favourites…

As well as that Solipsistic Pop is now for sale. Head over to their shop and spend a few pounds on what is, frankly, the start of something very important.

Coming soon: Paper Science!

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