December round-up

Lots of things published in the last couple of weeks. Christmas seems to act as a deadline vortex – who’d have guessed? Christmas message, and one final project for the year, to be announced next week.

* First up my 100 Days pictures got a mention on the official site (edit: and it looks like Josie Long quite liked it too)

Armed with a Sharpie and a stack of address labels, Matt’s left warnings for mice on the skirting, social observation on parking meters and gone sticky-backed-cheerleading for Paul McCartney at ATP. Such an interventive [sic] fellow.

The notes can all be found here on flickr.

* My two Pitch Up & Publish eBooks (Unguided and Expeditions In Paper Science) were published over at the Diffusion website, so you can now download them at home. Big thanks to Giles and the Proboscis team for selecting my work.

* The final print edition of Electric Sheep Magazine is on the shelves, and it contains my review of Stingray Sam, one of my favourite films of the year. The stockists are listed online, and it’s well worth picking up, and not just because I’m in it.

(I’m very sad to see it go. The magazine was passed around a lot in my final year studying film, and contributions have been sharp across the board. A loss on a par with Plan B – must have been the year for it)

* My review of All Tomorrow’s Parties was published by Global Comment, a site that remains one of my favourites. Editor Natalia Antonova has been far too kind about my writing recently (and I should really point out that if you aren’t reading her blog then you might as well switch your RSS feed off), so a big thanks to her for that. I’m very proud of this piece, so please do check it out.

* Finally the Top Ten of’s Best of 2009 have been published, and it’s a strong, striking line-up. What’s even better is that Last have produced two newspapers – one for London, one for New York – to accompany the project. They are an absolute joy, an entertaining archive of what’s been an incredible year both for and pop music in general. If you’re lucky enough to get hold of a copy then make sure you treasure it. I’m really very proud to have been involved in this, and I won’t be able to thank Team Last (special shout to Hannah) and Jens Nikolaus enough for creating an excellent interface and online experience that manages to make my copy look good too.

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