Hundred Days Update

Bellies full, we enter the second quarter of the 100Days project today. Good luck to everyone participating with the next 75!

Yesterday’s message was a pretty easy one to go for, but today’s was different. I went for a little wander in the afternoon, along paths I took on an almost daily basis between the age of five and eighteen. I got to that crossing, remembered the moment a fourteen year old me kissed a girl and remembered that the next morning, after a first kiss, I broke up with her.

At this point it started to rain. I hid under a bus shelter and wrote the label, watching news flicker by on a TV screen embedded into the shelter wall. It didn’t want to let up. I remembered then that it had rained when we kissed too, and that was probably the only reason I really remembered it at all: I was soaking, but the kiss made it worth it. The sun peaked from behind the clouds for a moment, and I got this shot off, dashing back under shelter as it started to drizzle again.

I don’t remember her name. I’ve got about as far the initials – TS – but no more. So, TS, I’m sorry. That wasn’t very nice of me.

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