Glitter = No!

“If You’ve Got Something Interesting To Say Then Say It.
But Don’t Say It In Glitter.”

So says Matt Sheret’s little note, stuck to the door to the morgue, there. But really? Is Matt right? We think it IS possible to say something interesting in reflective material, and we want you to prove it. Let’s see some glitter manifestos. Send us pictures of words of wisdom, aphorisms, jokes, anything written in or on glitter (or anything shiny or reflective. Hundreds-and-thousands. Cats-eyes, etc) to Let’s show Sheret.

If any of you have any heart I demand you show 100Days some glitter hate. I have a new slogan for you: Glitter = No!
(Worth asserting now too that the whole glitter thing came from a conversation with The Girl. She’s as much to blame as I am)

EDIT: Chrissy Williams is fanning the flames over at her 100 Words blog with today’s find, the sparkling “Phlogiston”. Chrissy, Phlogiston = Glitter = No!

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