A reply from Jeremy Corbyn, MP

Dear Matthew Sheret

Thanks for your recent email about the Digital Economy Bill. The subject is complex and the bill is proving to be hugely contentious; because of this it is crucial, more than ever, that Parliament fulfils its democratic duty and gives the bill proper debate and scrutiny.

Although it is imperative that jobs in the creative industries are protected, and it is right that artists be paid fairly for work they produce, the bill, as it stands, seems to be heavily weighted in favour of rich and powerful copyright holding companies.

Provisions to suspend file sharers’ connections and to require internet service providers to block access to websites hosting “substantial” amounts of copyrighted material are an over reaction, dangerously intrusive and will only prove to be counter productive.

You may be aware that the next significant stage for the bill will be its second reading in the House of Commons. Despite the front bench consensus there is significant back bench concern on all sides, and I and my colleagues will do all we can to ensure the bill is not rushed through the House without proper debate and scrutiny.

Yours sincerely

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Harriet Harman, MP, Leader of the House of Commons, will be presenting the bill on Thursday. This is your last chance to e-mail her and to directly address the strong possibility this could be rushed through Parliament during ‘wash up’. Once again, 38Degrees have a form that allows you to do just that.

ORG will be demonstrating tomorrow (24/03/10) afternoon at 17:30, protesting against disconnection and censorship on the internet. It will be held at Old Palace Yard (opposite Parliament, next to Westminster Abbey). After that The Indelicates, Akira The Don and Dan Bull will be playing a Stop Disconnection show at Camden’s Monarch. It should be a strong night.

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