Solipsistic Pop 2 Launch Party

This is going to be fabulous…

(EDIT: Worth noting that you can pre-order a copy here)

Solipsistic Pop is a biannual anthology designed to spotlight the best in alternative Comic art from the UK. It features diverse, beautiful, twisted and peculiar Comics that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Comic artists old and new are encouraged to contribute. Solipsistic Pop intends to provide a support structure and outlet for UK alternative Comic artists. Each book of Solipsistic Pop will be a boutique, tactile product. An interactive, unique artefact designed to suit the content of each edition with an extremely limited printrun.

Book two of Solipsistic Pop contains 64 pages of sequential art from some of the best comic artists, illustrators and designers working in the UK today. With a 12 page newspaper insert, gorgeous gatefold cover and specially designed tote bag, it’s a must have for any comic fan.

Contributions from Kristyna Baczynski, Becky Barnicoat, Adam Cadwell, Stephen Collins, Joe Decie, Marc Ellerby, Sally Hancox, Anne Holiday, Tom Humberstone, Philippa Johnson, Daniel Locke, Lizz Lunney, Jack Noel, Mark Oliver, Luke Pearson, Octavia Raitt, Anna Saunders, Julia Scheele, Matthew Sheret, and Matilda Tristram.


One of the highlights of Sunday’s Comica Comiket
– The Guardian

A creation of an alliance of mutual inspiration and an art object to act as a beacon to other like-minded artists
– The Comics Journal

“Excellent stuff and beautifully made”
– Robin Ince

It’s sumptuous, beautiful, stirring, optimistic stuff, an anthology to move the British self-published/small press scene into the next decade
– Forbidden Planet International

“Another fantastic anthology, with an aesthetic leaning towards the McSweeney’s side of the field of intellectual humour”
– Page 45

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