A song from my favourite album

Kind of a two-parter here.

Kieron introduced me to Haines’ viciousness with, first, a blog post ahead of Phonogram’s memory kingdom of Britpop. A sneaky listen online and, within weeks, I had his back catalogue to hand. It’s fabulous to get lost in, peppered with snippy, snappy, nasty lyricism that touches on everything from new-pop icons to nazi sympathisers.

Haines’ casts himself, whenever possible, as a pantomime villain, something so appealing and so English that I couldn’t help but fall for it. He wraps it up in such neat, sweet, pop-tunes too. This track, ‘Unsolved Child Murder’ is a brilliant example. Recorded it’s a lost Beatles b-side, parochial and charming, until you start to decipher the lyrics.

The album is Murder Park, and you should start playing it now.

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