The Sounds of Space

Mark Higgins, general purpose radio bod and Save6Music junkie, will be presenting a very special show on Saturday on Brighton Festival Radio ahead of the live performance of Apollo: This is for all Mankind at the Festival itself. From the listings,

The Sounds of Space is an exploration into man’s musical interactions beyond our atmosphere. On the eve of live performances of “Apollo: This is for all Mankind” at the Brighton Festival, Mark Higgins will be playing Brian Eno’s original soundtrack in full. The show will also look at the Voyager Golden Record, launched into space in the 1970s to represent the earth to any intelligent life that might find it. With music all the way from Chuck Berry to Japanese gamelan, Mark will be looking at what world music really means in deep space.

The playthrough of Apollo itself will be special; it’s a fabulous album that captures so much about modern conceptions of Space, and it’s impossible to imagine a solar landscape that hasn’t been influenced by it since. Mark’s take on Voyager ought to be good too – anything hurtling through the cosmos with Sagan’s hand at the helm is fine by me.

Mark’s show, The Sounds of Space: Eno, Apollo and Voyager will be broadcast from 7-9pm on Brighton Festival Radio. If you’re a local then you can tune in on 87.7FM, and if not then head to the festival website to stream it live.

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