Towards a UK netroots

My latest piece for Global Comment follows on on the heels of this weekend’s dead-end negotiations for a coalition government. I’ve spent the whole weekend telling anyone who’ll listen that we’ll see no formal coalition, instead witnessing a Tory/Lib Dem pact on some economic measures aimed to shore up the economy but short of an actual coalition, i.e. Tory Minority Government. But I have no idea. The Global Comment article emphasises the need for Labour and the Lib Dems to make the most of their opposition years while accepting that we’ll never see tide of people looking for Obama-level change. We might see US style campaigning appearing in other ways, but only if it’s done ‘smart’.

EDIT: to add that, given this evening’s events, not only do I have no idea, but that ANYTHING could happen. (17:15)
EDIT: And it looks like, at the very least, prospective candidates for the Labour leadership might be on the right track. (17:31)

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