Rill Rill

Dear Russell

There are clouds outside, and it’s raining, but it feels like summer in the flat. For all of the tumult of the last week, for all of the import of a new face behind number ten, ‘Rill Rill’ by Sleigh Bells leaves me thinking that none of it matters. With the windows open, friends in the flat and a beer on the go it might just work out okay. Is that true? I haven’t had many goes at this whole election thing after all.

Sleigh Bells are, I think, one of those gateways an older brother could have been for me. Gateways like that crop up sporadically; cultural moments like Phonogram, The Rules of Attraction (film and book) and the entirety of British Guitar Music since 1992 that make you pay attention to the pop-culture milestones that helped build them. I’ve got Funkadelic queued up, which can’t be a bad thing, but like all of those gateways ‘Rill Rill’ wouldn’t be nearly so effective if it was just a sample loose on the wind. The sample is a tool for fine art after all, not a cudgel, and they work wonderfully on Treats. Even that heart-on-sleeve apologist Morrissey make it in, as Nitsuh Abebe pointed out over on a grammar: “How Soon Is Now? About fifteen minutes after you got really into this album.”

And, yes, the fact the band probably look like a couple of my friends after being dragged through American Apparel backwards bleeds through the track but I can’t hold that against them. The whole thing sounds so smart and it’s just made for tinny car stereos, iPod earbuds and these damned mac speakers. It’s made for summer.

Give it a spin anyway,

2 thoughts on “Rill Rill

  1. Bet you’re pleased they are playing Primavera, then. I only recently realised how sickeningly envious the lineup for that festival makes me.

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