On The Record

I’ve been asked about the following things via e-mail, tweets and in person, so I’m just going to lump it all here in one go.

Boo Hoo!!!! There will be no more Things as the hall is no longer available for hire and my brain is fried. There are some options for using other venues but I think its probably best to call it a day. If I change my mind i’ll let you know.
– UK Web and Mini Comix Thing

This was swiftly followed by an exchange of tweets that I missed, tied up as I was watching Gordon Brown resign with Kieron…

Of course, it’s not in a vacuum. There are a fair few people thinking about what the UK comics scene could be doing next, especially in light of TCAF…

Whenever I visit Canada or America I am always envious of the comic scenes I encounter. The positivity and exuberance that those I meet have for comics is infectious. Inspiring. The can-do approach is not viewed as blind or hubristic naivety. It is simply what you do. While there may be a million reasons why you can’t, won’t or shouldn’t do something – all you really need is that one reason why you should. There are times when I feel the absence of this frontiersman attitude in the UK. Not just with comics. The focus often turns to the million reasons why something shouldn’t be attempted. But Sheret’s attitude reminded me that’s changing. Paper Science 2 – conceived, printed and distributed within less than 16 days – and the very existence of SP, is evidence of it.
– Tom Humberstone

I kinda feel a little lost in the UK comic scene and feel more at home in the North America scene. I like UK comics, don’t get me wrong and I think there’s a lot more great work coming out recently (hello Solipisistic Pop!) but still I don’t know where my art sits in terms of the bigger picture. I think I’m over thinking it a littler and there was a great quote that Adam told me about from Seth at the Doug Wright Awards; “Do your work for yourself–don’t think about what others want you to do. There’s no point in doing the work if it isn’t done the way you believe it should be done. Don’t strive to be a professional–think of yourself as an artist.”
– Marc Ellerby

And now you know as much as I do.

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