A while back, as a few of you might remember, I made an unzine with Sophie Peck called sixfifteen. The idea was that this hurried and mistake-riddled document could be tweaked and swapped out and changed at a moment’s notice, a new edition left in its place.

Of course, that never quite happened. I went away over last summer and no sooner did I get back than Sophie ran away to San Francisco, careening at the LGBT scene full tilt. I haven’t heard from her since. I take that as a good sign.

But I still really like the concept. Coupled with the speedy turnaround of Paper Science 2 (many thanks again to Newspaper Club for that one) and news of the 48hrs magazine it seems really stupid not to try something like that again. A zine/anthology/newspaper/PODmag that gets revised on a bi-monthly basis, something in which the contributors have the option of tweaking or replacing their contributions for each iteration. Time-boxed too, so that each submission is conceived and submitted in a tight period of time.

Now, that’s not to say I’m about to or anything, far from it, but I’m certainly thinking about it. And really I’m wondering if any of you might be interested in taking part?

16 thoughts on “Unzining

  1. put me down dude! sounds ace, loads of thoughts on similar stuff myself but just not had the time / impetus / soberness to do anything about it so far this year, but whichever way you move with this, i’d definitely be up for contributing.

  2. Very interested, Matt.

    What sort / size of thing would you like (fiction, comic-strip, art, whatever) – And when?

    mail me if you get this going.

    Cheers, Kek

  3. As for what, I’d like to get a proper variety in there. I look to something like Coilhouse as a great example of the range that these things could carry; short stories, illustration, comic strips. Dodgem Logic too is a neat touchstone for the balls-out variety bag inside each issue.

    As for when – soon. Which is a nice way of saying I have the momentum to do it but not the time, and really I shouldn’t have said anything online yet, but I have now so clearly I’m doing this thing.

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