Learn To Count

Early WAW+P co-conspirator Sarah Gordon’s Learn To Count. So far as I can tell her webpage is down at the minute, but her blog and musings are over here.

Animation absolutely fascinates me. So does puppetry. Never quite enough to learn how to do it, but enough that I think I might one day start asking proper questions about it. I really do enjoy Sarah’s combined use of stills and the physicality of puppets, as well as the sense of play her work often captures. She’s ace.

I broke my elbow last week. Not much – I hope to be out of the cast tomorrow – but enough to slow me down. I think I needed that. I spent a few days offline, thinking a bit about the kind of projects I’d like to have a go at for the rest of 2010. The unzine idea is definitely going to stick, so expect some news about that in July, but after a chat with James last week I’m probably going to poke around with an Audioboo-based project soon too. I’ve also got something else, something a lot more self-contained, that I want to pitch in the next week or so. This plus work, which is an awful lot of fun at the moment.

I’m going to take another painkiller now.

2 thoughts on “Learn To Count

  1. having been in that savaged elbow department myself, i can sympathise dude and say hope it mends properly soon, my arm still doesnt quite straighten out, probably something that’s going to last now, sucks big time! Were you also drunkenly falling down stairs, or something that garners sympathy rather than tutting? Either way, hope you’re on the mend soon bud, looking forward to hearing more about your audioboo project.


  2. Cheers buddy. Elbow came from a cycling accident last week. Landed right on the thing thanks to potholes outside of Emirates stadium. Casts are really really annoying.

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