Theme songs

Tom, bless him, has restarted his 100 Days project. Hooray! I’m preparing for another month of hastily sketched snippets that put other comickers to shame with his clean lines, smiling faces and playful introspection. Yesterday he went to a twee-pop album launch by the delightful Allo, Darlin’ and nailed their ‘Silver Dollars‘ as Solipsistic Pop‘s theme song.

And I’m thinking ‘Why haven’t I got a theme song?’

Well, mostly that’s because what he’s talking about is projects having a theme song. I mean, McKelvie can’t hear Joy Division without thinking of me jerking about a dance floor, so I probably don’t need to worry about a song for myself. But per project, that’s another story. I’m not a notebook per project person, despite how well it seems to have worked out for Ben at RIG this year, I have folders on Dropbox for that, but I could get behind theme songs.

Of the projects I want to start this summer I think the Audioboo one happily gets Shellac’s ‘The End of Radio‘. It’s one of the songs that inspired it really. The other two are more difficult though, and I like that a theme song could solidify them somewhat. I’ll keep an ear out though.

(Worth noting that Allo, Darlin’ released ‘The Polaroid Song‘ in 2009, which works far too well as a hymn to The Polaroid Press)

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