Sets and Architecture

Two new arrivals in the post today from Mister Edward Ross, a chap I came across during the 100 Days project.

I really like Edward’s work – he packs pages with expressive characters but never overworks single panels, allowing his writing to take centre-stage stage much more than many of the other webcomics/small press crowd. His banner title, Filmish, is now on its second issue; a film-theory comic-book that packs in perspectives on storytelling that are usually trapped in dry seminar discussions. I studied film for three years, and I tell you for free that if I had any inkling that I could use formats like this to communicate deep theory – or that I could have created a dissertation in the comic-book medium – then I’d have been an awful lot more engaged and would have gone to far fewer gigs.

This issue tilts around sets and architecture, dwelling on cityscapes and expressive representations of mental states through bricks, mortar and cardboard backdrops. He also uses film theorists in cameos throughout… and I’ve just noticed that Edward quotes Matt Jones’ musings on Jason Bourne in it too, so I’ve taken it next door to show him. It’s superb stuff.

Also in the package was Parasites!, a full-colour 8-page comic for The Wellcome Trust that Edward created with Jamie Hall. 5000 have been printed to distribute for free, and its a great snapshot of the kind of work the Trust does. There should be more things like this; highly accessible insights into research science and the reasons behind the pursuit of knowledge. There should be more things like this and it should just be up to private institutions to deliver them.

You can download Parasites! from The Wellcome Trust here, while Filmish 1+2 can be bought from Edward’s site.

(I’ve thought about running reviews and things – or a Thirty Days of Comics – over on the WAW+P blog, people have even asked us to do it, but I don’t ever want it to seem like an authority on ‘quality’ in comics; we just enjoy working with the people we do)

2 thoughts on “Sets and Architecture

  1. I bought Filmish from Avalanche in Edinburgh last week based on this recommendation and don’t regret it a jot. Fabulous stuff, I desire more.

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