It is a red and purple paisley scarf. Someone, presumably a woman, has hung it in the window, instead of a curtain. The scarf flutters up against the screen, briefly presses itself against the metal grid, then falls back and disappears into the shadows of the apartment. – Summer by Amy Klein

One of the things I miss about The Polaroid Press is the sense that I used it to write little photographs, little bursts of images in words that I’ve since stepped far far away from. Even threesixfivestart dwelt more on dialogue than location and images. It’s one of the things I hope to get back to with the Audioboo project, but it’s going to take time to get a rhythm going on that.

Amy Klein is Titus Andronicus‘ bassist; a bright and joyous presence that stalks the stage with a crazy-big grin on her face. We saw her mooching about Primavera throughout the weekend after their Friday night set, and if I’d have known she was a writer beforehand we’d definitely have stopped to say hello. Her blog is one of about a dozen in my RSS feed that nudge me bit by bit towards starting a Polaroid Press-esque project up again, but that might have to wait a while.

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