Farewell Ellerbisms

Sad, but not unsurprising news over at Marc Ellerby’s Ellerbisms, but like today’s ‘Stuff No One Told Me’ says; “Sometimes quitting is the bravest decision”.

I’m being glib to join up dots – Marc isn’t quitting. He’s putting to bed one of the most consistently entertaining, heartbreaking and heartwarming webcomics of the last five years. There are a wave of creators like himself and Adam who are or will be wrapping up these diaries and long term projects, moving on with a whole book of lessons learned in public, which is a very very brave thing to do.

Ongoing projects are really hard. The sense of perspective and success is so endlessly changeable, with no barometer for measurement beyond your own interest in the project. The fact that any of these things get beyond two months is an unbelievable success, the idea of them continuing as long as three years simply staggering.

I could thump Marc for depriving me of one of my high points in the internet week. I probably will, current events notwithstanding. But I’m really really excited to see what he comes up with next. In the meantime lets enjoy these last couple of months, before Ellerbisms wraps up.

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