That’s All In The Past

I’ve given up a lot of projects this year, but one that hasn’t been surrendered to the great bonfire of thoughts in the sky involves commissioning Aiden Smith to do some square-format illustrations for me.

Aiden’s a bloody lovely bloke, one of Dan Berry‘s motley crew over at the North Wales School of Art & Design. He sent through some of his drafts today and I thought I’d repost this, one we won’t be using moving forward.

It’s of Kate Jackson (or, The Idea Of Kate Jackson), formerly of The Long Blondes, and I wanted to post it today because it’s been two years since they split up.

Mister Higgins reminded me of a post I wrote shortly after the split. It uses a lot of words to say very little, but there are some good bits in there.

The band, if anything, mean even more to me now. They were a great crutch in the winter of 2008, and the perpetually-retro nature of their music makes them an ideal band to turn to every time the new gets too much and the old feels too far away.

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