Physic or Surgery

I flagged Physic Or Surgery up a little while back on twitter, and it’s been sat in my bag most days since, here’s why: I really like the idea of a comic book beta test.

First up, the world Thor paints in the comic is very attractive. He’s taking on some post-human themes with a little hint of YOUR DOOMED FUTURE peppering the edges: a comic about how cool the future might be, when you make ‘shards of bohemia’ and hack-spaces city-scale.

Simply put, it’s the kind of comic I’d like to read.

Thor bills the beta as a sketch board of an issue, and that’s bang on. The artwork moves around a lot, with flashes of specificity in some panels that jars with a much lighter pen in others. Over the course of the issue Thor’s taking the comic that could be, shaking it all up, and working out what it actually will be.

But not in isolation. The fact he’s opening up what would often be terribly private experience is something I like a lot.

And he’s calling it a Beta. Thor is using readers to test the comic. That shouldn’t charm me as much as it does, but the small press are so intractable; these books are so often created in such locked-down privacy that having a potential audience read something before it’s thrust upon them is unimaginable. Thor’s direct appeal for feedback feels like a revolution.

Of course, now Thor owes it to the Beta to really step up his game for Issue One.

(No worries on that score – his Paper Science 3 entry looks awesome).

More of this sort of thing please.

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