Another kind of chart

Call it vanity (because that’s what it is), but every so often I like thinking about how people find this blog.

The chart on the left (or probably above if this is on an RSS reader – sorry) covers off most of the terms that people get here with. It leaves off a lot of the one-search-wonders, the odd happenstances, which although interesting can be downright weird. I am not, for instance, “Katie West’s Matt”. He doesn’t have a ginger beard. Poor chap.

For the most part it’s variations on a theme – Me, myself and Phonogram vs The Fans – which get people here. Lots of Phonogram actually. Sometimes I worry that I eat into Matt Wilson‘s Google juice. I certainly hope not. But the association between myself, the comic, the zine I made, all that stuff is interesting. Being an engaged fan of a series and forcing that into a creative outlet was a very important step for me. It’s nudged me into a lot of creative avenues, whose cumulative effect has been to change my life. That’s cool. But that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t gone and done something.

Similarly the general BERG/RIG economy of links still gets the odd person here, lost in the woods. My posts that formed part of the 30 Days of Music meme still get traffic, largely because of Russel‘s string of the meme, which is cool. I really enjoyed that, not least because the project was the perfect transition away from the studio I started the year in (which had become ridiculously unhealthy for me) and into the BRIG. The BRIG as a space is unremarkable (sorry chaps). The idea of the BRIG is awesome, and motivating, whether you’re inside or on the periphery. And it’s likely I wouldn’t have arrived there without Phonogram vs The Fans.

“Romantic Fucking” is a great one. Hello! How disappointed are you guys? That’s down to the 69 Love Songs project.

Similarly “Because We Cannot Lie All Night Together” is an old project. It probably deserves more traction though. I wonder if Gareth Los Camp! ever thinks about some kind of longer-term ‘zine project, or series… he’s in a spot where he could pull together some very interesting contributors on a semi-regular basis, a Paper Science for bands. Could be very cool.

My sister makes the list. I wonder who’s been Googling her? If it’s one of her scoundrel ex-boyfriends then I will literally not do anything: she’s much tougher than me.

And, bringing up the rear, “Sophie Peck”. I still wonder where she is occasionally. You won’t find her here.

It makes me wonder how many people get here through the rabbit hole of hyperlinks, or how much opportunity I offer for people to get lost in the internet. I’m not varied about how I use this thing; it’s a big old notebook to test out ideas and goad people into doing more.

But, now that I’ve stopped writing think-pieces for larger audiences elsewhere, I have to wonder what these drafts are building to, and who they might be for?

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