Best of 2010

I’m genuinely sad that I didn’t write Best of 2010‘s entries. Managed and edited and all that stuff yes, but day-to-day work meant I had to defer the forty entries to Chal Ravens, who did a splendid job. But it would have been nice to add it to 2008 and 2009.

Awesome to see things like this emerge from the data though. Klaas worked very hard to get this out, a ‘balloon race’ visualisation of the top twenty in action, and allowed listeners to generate their own race too.

It’s light, lovely, and speaks to me about the last twelve months in a way I really like. A year ago I’d never have guessed British Sea Power would dominate my chart, but my time in Scotland (well, Home Game) really brought them into my life.

Meanwhile Crystal Castles have been an intermittent presence – bolstered by my recent trip to ATP – and newcomers like Sleigh Bells, Tamaryn and Talkdemonic have shown me pulling in a few more synths than guitars.

I’ll be talking a little about the charts on Radio Roundabout tomorrow. You should tune in; there will be music, natter, in-jokes and almost certainly a few accidental swears. Just like Christmas., 17th December 3 – 5pm.

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