No, really; Time Lords

The tone of this post may have led you to believe I wasn’t being serious. Oh, what fools you are.

Last year I strayed into the territory of Time Lords as metaphor a couple of times. Once to talk about reinvention in pop as a defining staple of 00’s celebrity behaviour and another time to talk about the iPhone as sonic screwdriver.

I don’t think I’ve even nearly scratched the surface of those analogies. With a laptop for a TARDIS we can all flit between times and stories with infinite ease; we just have to be careful about what courses we chart and the enemies we make along the way.

It’s been bugging me since last summer anyway, so I’m going to poke at it for a while and wrangle it into a place where I can talk about it as the year goes on. Who knows – there may be some Keynote to go with it too.

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