Lost day

I knew January would be a hard burn, so timing a day off with the close of the month was a no-brainer. That it coincided with the opening of Dinner by Heston Blumenthal was, essentially, perfect.

Wandering through tourist-London on a cold January weekday was fabulous. I felt like an exceptionally polite Ferris Bueller, playing truant and enjoying what the city looked like with just enough people to feel bustling.

Less sentimentally though, being on a break in places – major cities or suburban sprawls – in whatever amounts to an ‘off season’ (i.e. not peak, not full of Christmas comfort or summertime work-dodgers, not necessarily tourist specific) is a neat nudge towards thinking differently about services, devices or products. What did I use? What did I need to work? What capacity is kicking around spare?

I don’t think I’m going to be working for other people forever, I want to ‘make’ a ‘thing’ at some point, and I know that it’s going to be critical that I understand what off peak should feel like.

It’s not all about turning things on or off; one may not always be shipping.

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