Very clever internet

I was asked to comment on’s relationship to Witch House (essentially very slow house music that sounds like ghosts are living in it) for this month’s Wired magazine.

Of the many things that didn’t make it (I talk, me) was a mini-rant about the significance of’s genre agnosticism.

My take on that is that there has been more written about the internet’s capacity for democratisation (or, latterly, crowdsourced content) than could ever be read, but I’ve only known people who build its websites discuss why it’s important to allow users the right to wall their own gardens.

Witch House works on because we don’t build the genres; you do.

2 thoughts on “Very clever internet

  1. i read the article and found it interesting, this opening statement though: “On the Internet, new-band buzz travels faster than the speed of sound. So how can emerging musicians maintain their indie cred as they amass fans?” – particularly the second sentence – made me think ‘what fucking planet is the journalist on?’ being around many many friends who run labels and play in bands for years, i know that even by working and touring solidly for years ‘amassing’ fans just isn’t something that happens over night, or even over extensive periods of time, let alone facing the worry of losing ‘indie cred’, fucking clown shoes i say to that guy. Much power for getting in wired though dude!

  2. Cheers fella.

    Witch House is really hard to approach quickly, because it’s doing a lot of things at once with the internet. I think the sources, as a range, are good to show that off, but it’s just scratching the surface… there’s a feature-length article in there for sure.

    It touches so lightly on the concept of un-Googleable; I’m sure some psychologist somewhere could dig into what that means as a statement of identity for years.

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