Locked out

When I got back from work I found myself locked out of the flat (nothing sinister, I just forgot my keys). I made good use of the time though.

Buying Lego from a local supermarket was slightly cheaper than buying a pint and awaiting the return of my saviour in a local pub, and slightly less embarrassing than hanging out on the doorstep with a can of beer from the corner shop.

As I came inside I thought ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if I’d been hacking on something out there,’ presumably jimmying arduinos and LEDs together to fashion a sonic screwdriver or something; anything to unlock that bloody door.

Is there a vision of that product already out there? Kiddicomp? Ubicomp kits? It’s the missing part of the ubicomp equation, for me anyway, that sense of modular play. Mujicomp is all well and good, but you can’t go camping with it, and you can’t put that kind of stuff together on a mossy front door porch.

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