Still life in stereo

Ellen Rogers remains fabulous, releasing a set of stereoscopic ‘hobby’ shots on her blog this week. I love Ellen’s work, and this handful of photographs gave me a great excuse to go spelunking through her recent sets.

I’m also a huge fan of stereoscopic photography. During production of The Polaroid Press I bought not only Polaroid film, but also Holga-friendly film formats and a cheap(ish) Loreo stereoscopic 35mm camera. It remains a favourite, for a persistently strange collection of photographs that feel laced with all the fun of the fair.

Stereoscopic photography feels like the product of alchemists. It’s a bit magic, like those faded posters of futures that never happened. This “3D” experience is trapped into such narrow confines that you’re instantly in an intimate position with the subject of the photograph, the complete opposite to seeing, say, TRON 3D on an IMAX screen.

It’s a bit more like wizardry than science. Looking at Ellen’s photos (cheekily printed out, albeit in screen-resolution; sorry Ellen!) moreso.

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