Little Monster

Yesterday was Hannah Donovan’s last day at In the five and a half years she’s been with the site she’s seem seismic shifts in not only what it delivered, but what the internet meant to people, staggering experience that, for the past eight months, I’ve felt uniquely privileged to learn from.

Hannah’s made me think differently about the use and effect of words, in ways that no novelist can. I really don’t mean that lightly. She’s made me think about language in granular detail, about what three, two or even one word does to the way someone interacts with a whole pocket of culture.

Not only that, but she’s the reason I’ve been able to earn a living from writing. I’ll never be able to thank her enough for that.

And she likes her whiskey. What a gal!

(Of course, these are all great reasons to hire her, once she’s back from a well-deserved holiday.)

Thanks Hannah; you were brilliant. Good luck!

11 sketchbooks by Hannah Donovan
Photo: 11 sketchbooks, © Hannah Donovan

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