Doing more stuff

John Allison nails it;

In art, you can always go back, but it’s best to press on. Endless revision is the domain of the insecure.

That resonates for a heap of reasons. Yep. Instead of revisiting projects this year I’m making it about developing Paper Science, commissioning stuff and talking about Time Lords and music.

And on that note, I’m going to be talking about music in April at the first Ignite Music;

We want to dig into why music matters, how it works, how the business operates, where it’s going, etc. This is music geek territory, from the orchestra to the pop ensemble, from the corporation to the bedroom studio, from shellac to the cloud, from the stadium to the saturday morning music centre. We’re looking for insight into why we become obsessed with it, and why we might go nuts if it wasn’t around.

The format of Ignite Music will be 12 talks in a pub of an evening, with plenty of time to gab about what’s just been said. For added interest – and because the Horse and Groom doesn’t have a music licence – the speakers won’t be allowed the luxury of playing music during their talk.

Not only that, but I’ll be subject to the standard Ignite rules; 5-minute talks, 20 slides that auto-change every 15 seconds. It’s going to be great, and you should come.

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