Telling stories

SkillSwap in Brighton is an irregular series of tiny, free speaking events which showcase diverse approaches to one area or talent.

After my spot at History Hack Day I was invited along to the next one, which will be all about stories. It’s next Wednesday night at Lighthouse, and my blurb goes a little something like this;

The data will improve rockets

Narratives shape our journeys through data, and those stories don’t have to be complicated to have a huge impact. All you have to do is think about your audience – your companions – and where you want to take them.

Needless to say, it’ll be chock full of words, pictures and Doctor Who references.

Also up are Phil Gyford, whose talk about Pepy’s Diary is a treat, and Gavin O’Carroll who’ll be sharing some insights into Spacelog, a site I adore.

Should be fun. You should come.

Tom‘s done some illustrations for my slides; more on these next week…

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