The data will improve rockets

Last week was fabulous, the highlight being a trip down to sunny Brighton for SkillSwap, organised by the fabulous people at Clearleft. I really enjoyed Phil and Gavin‘s talks, and the warm reception they received relaxed me no end before I wrapped up the night with a spot about stories, data and Doctor Who.

Jeremy Keith called out Tom Humberstone’s great illustrations in his write up of the event; as a Doctor Who fan and a Tom Humberstone fan they were pitch-perfect. Light but powerful, they helped me pepper a photo-heavy talk with a smooth line and a little levity; just what The Doctor ordered.

The slides they illustrated also wound up being the ones that mattered most; these were the four lessons about storytelling I hoped to leave people with in my twenty minutes.

You can listen to The data will improve rockets in full over on SkillSwap’s Huffduffer page. Thanks to all involved in making it happen, especially Jeremy and James. Now to fight the urge to move to Brighton…

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