In an Alien Fashion

My latest column for Electric Sheep is up, featuring fashion and space and ladies. It’s for their Alien issue, timing out with the Sci-Fi London Festival, opening at the end of the month.

On a related note I’ll actually be appearing at Sci-Fi London. I’ll be there as a retailer, selling copies of Paper Science at its official debut on the Saturday, and as a panelist.

Saturday 30th April, 3.30pm – The work of Warren Ellis

Writer Ian Edginton (who collaborated with Ellis on X-Force), Matt Jones (principal, BERG design who commission Ellis’ new comic SVK) and Matthew Sheret (writer, whose love of comics started with Warren’s work) discuss the work of comic book / multimedia writer Warren Ellis who has penned some of the most influential SF comics of the last twenty years.

Followed by 20 min preview screening of new documentary – “WARREN ELLIS: CAPTURED GHOSTS”

It’s fair to say that’s not exactly the biog I offered, but it’s certainly true that I’ll be bringing a fan’s viewpoint to the stage. Not only that, but Warren’s been super-generous in plugging personal projects over the last couple of years, and if I can help bust the myth of him being Southend’s original grumpy old man then I’ll be happy.

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