Kate Brown + Paul Duffield @ Orbital Comics

The opening of Kate Brown and Paul Duffield‘s exhibition on Saturday was probably my highlight of the bank holiday weekend*. Super-fun, lots of lovely people around and lots of gorgeous artwork on display.

Anne got some neat photos too.

Something I felt going to New York Comic Con last year is that an underground network of drinks and openings and social stuff sprung up around that show that Britain doesn’t really imitate. A lot of that’s due to the scale of NYCC, and the concentration of money and talent that such a scale affords, but all reports of more intimate shows like Toronto Comic Art Fair are the same.

It’d be really nice seeing something similar start to blossom around the likes of Kapow!, MCM and Thought Bubble. So when I found out the gallery space at Orbital Comics was available in the lead up to MCM I put Paul in touch with them and a lovely night ensued.

More of that sort of thing please.

*except the part where the Lancaster bomber flew over our flat. And no, we don’t live in Buckingham Palace.

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