MCM Expo totally happened. Tens of thousands of people, many in costume, all in the name of movies, comics, cosplay and games. I was leading the admin and organisation of the Comic Village in the run-up, after a gradual transition from Emma Vieceli. This was my first expo flying solo in the run-up, and also my last.

Between freelancing, Paper Science, stepping up my work at Last.HQ and upcoming slots at dConstruct and Playful managing the Expo admin is way way beyond my means. But the weekend was awesome.

Special thanks to Anna, David and Pud for being amazing organisers at the show, and to Nevs, Julia, Rory, Katie, Emma and Michael for being awesome support. Couldn’t have worked with better, true fact.

Also fabulous to spend a bit of time with Lisa, Clark and Nabil and everyone else from Team Thought Bubble/Travelling Man. I get to see them once a year – at best – so this weekend was a treat.

If you want a taste of the scale of colour and madness on display at MCM then look no further than fellow Alex Pounds‘ photo sets. Unedited contact sheets are up on his site from Saturday and Sunday, and he’ll have polished versions up on his Flickr page soon. He snapped me on Sunday, and I don’t think I’ve come out too badly.

For those who are asking, I’m cosplaying as someone from Dev Team or Indie Band?

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