Changing year group

I loved Phil’s little end-of-term write-up. Sticking with the school analogy, I feel like I’m just about to change year group.

The last school year has been about finding a place within a company for a role that has never existed before. I’ve hit a couple of ceilings along the way; some because the opportunities that presented themselves kind of petered out, and others because I didn’t have the skill set to get any higher.

I’m tackling the latter pretty aggressively. I’ve alluded to the problems the tech sector in the UK has in terms of a lack of mentor-figures for those who aren’t developers. It’s an understandable problem, but one that, for me, is becoming increasingly irritating. I need to learn more.

People like Russell and Kieron have been awesome at helping with that, but I’m trying to look for specialists in terms of copywriting that have as much experience in the brand/ads/voice aspects as they do the interface/user journey/functions side of things.

And I have no idea where to look.

But I’m exploring where I can, and buying books – largely ad-related for the moment – that have started nudging me in great directions. I’m still not quite there, but it’s a start.

I have a feeling I’m not alone in all this. So I’m going to start documenting what I find on here in the hope that if someone’s having similar trouble we can form some kind of after school club.

Needless to say, thoughts and ideas welcome, both below and at matthew.sheret[at]gmail[dot]com.

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